The wildness continues

It’s been a busy summer so I’m a bit behind with my posts – I realised that I didn’t finish my #30DaysWild series. So, to continue, days 20 and 21 included seeing a red admiral butterfly drinking tree sap, getting up close to a spider, watching visiting goldfinches, and listening to an owl hooting in […]

30 Days Wild – days 14 to 19

I soon discovered that you often can’t plan moments of wildness each day, and even if you try to, something surprising generally happens. Days 14 to 18 were no exception – surprises included close encounters with a gull and a bee, plus we had a fabulous sunset, I spotted some more butterflies, enjoyed a quiet […]

Butterflies and bees

As I mentioned in my previous post, today is day 13 of 30 Days Wild and for me it’s been the best so far. On a recommendation from a Twitter friend I jumped in my car with my camera, and drove the 3 miles or so to a local nature reserve. We’re so lucky in […]

On the wild side

As some of you may know, June is #30DaysWild month – for the whole of June the Wildlife Trusts are encouraging everyone to do one wild thing every day. They call this doing Random Acts of Wildness, and I’ve been posting mine on social media. In the first week I spotted a colour of the […]

More LOOPiness

A day when we were both around with no commitments to get back for in the evening = another Wheelers’ Walk. Time for the next section of the London LOOP. This section was from Kingston Bridge to The Causeway. Where?? Well… Heathrow, to be exact. Fortunately, a good chunk of the walk was through parkland […]

Just what the doctor ordered

A couple of weeks ago I found myself on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It started off well with our walk on the Monday, but then went downhill until I had a meltdown on the Thursday. The reason being that I was struggling massively with not being able to solve a problem that […]

May Day loopiness

Another day off for both of us, another Wheelers’ Walk. For the whole of April the weather has been dry, and so we were looking forward to a lovely sunny spring walk continuing our journey round the London Loop on Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May. However, it seems that the weather had other ideas, and […]